Mimo Smart Baby Monitor and Sleep Tracker Starter Kit


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The Mimo Smart Baby Monitor is a sleep activity tracker for your baby.
Mimo is a cloud-based Wi-Fi monitoring solution that lets you stay connected to your baby, wherever you are. The Mimo app is available on both iOS and Android smart devices, and receives sleep activity insight and live audio from the Mimo, to ensure that you know your baby is sleeping comfortably and soundly.

Stay in the loop with notifications
Stay in touch with all of your baby’s activities with Mimo’s notifications. The Mimo will alert you (via push notification and sound, assuming you have both enabled on your device) to changes in your baby’s breathing, sleep activity, position, and skin temperature.

All the insights you need
Get real-time insights about your baby’s sleep with the Mimo – the first sleep activity tracker for your baby.

– Live audio

– Breathing

– Body position and activity

– Skin temperature / comfort level

– Sleep quality (REM vs. non-REM)

– Historical activity and insights

How it works
The Mimo is easy to setup and use to monitor your little one’s sleep activity.

1. The Turtle, when nestled on the kimono, picks up your baby’s movements and comfort level, and sends that information to the Lilypad via low-power bluetooth.

2. The Lilypad then sends all of that information, along with live audio, to your home’s WiFi router.

3. The Mimo app conveys all of your baby’s activity intuitively and simply.