Kinsa Digital Thermometer


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Kinsa’s award-winning Smart Thermometer gives you fast and accurate temperature readings. Easy to use and toddler-approved!

The free app helps you track your family’s health over time, making it easy to share with your pediatrician.


“As a mom, I was amazed at how taking a temperature for my children went from being painful to pleasant and efficient. As a pediatrician, it is a useful tool that allows me to truly know the temperature history of my patients. Parents can send me a history of their child’s temperature directly from their phone. There’s no guessing what time the temperature was taken, or whether it was measured accurately allowing me to make a more certain diagnosis. Beyond this the potential for it to also track data to help with community health outbreaks of illness is astounding. As a mom and a pediatrician I love using Kinsa!” – Dr. Aarti Nasta, Pediatrician